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You want the most effective firearms training available. Finding the right training for you shouldn’t be complicated or overwhelming. Superior Firearms Training provides experienced local instructors in Rockland, MI that will train you to get your CPL (Concealed Pistol License) or help you to improve your self-defense, first aid, and shooting skills. Whether you’ve never held a gun before, or you’re an experienced shooter, you’ll have everything you need to take your skills to the next level.

Classes are $125.00 per person.  SFT holds a FFL and can help you select and purchase the right gun for your needs. Classes by appointment for individuals or small groups.  Call or email for additional information.




USCCA Certified Training Classes accepted for Michigan and Wisconsin Concealed Pistol License


This class provide comprehensive training for anyone who owns or is considering owning a firearm.  The  class covers conflict avoidance and situational awareness, home security and home defense, handgun, shotgun, and rifle basics, shooting fundamentals, the physiology of violent encounters, and the legal aspects of using deadly force, including knowing what to do in the aftermath.  We also cover gear, gadgets, and additional training opportunities.

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USCCA Membership brings you industry-leading education, training & the trusted legal protection you need to protect your family with confidence. Join over 300,000 gun owners who’ve used the U.S. Concealed Carry Association to transform themselves into a community of responsibly armed Americans and finally get the peace of mind you’ve been searching for…

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“I took the conceal carry class with Charles Mott. He ran an excellent course and I would recommend him to anyone."  

  Howard , Rockland, MI

"Very knowledgeable and informative instruction.  Great job and highly recommended."

Doug, Rockland, MI

"Charles was a great instructor!  The class was thorough, interactive, and well paced.  Range time provided one on one training which allowed for education and enhancements for all skill levels.  We would highly recommend this class."


Mark & Judy, Mass City, MI

"Charles does a great job. He is very accommodating with scheduling and runs a very informative class. He is very professional and thorough covering all the pertinent material, and the learning environment is comfortable and relaxed. If you’re looking to satisfy the concealed carry requirement for certification, this is the class to take…I highly recommend to all."


Pete, Ontonagon, MI

“We took the Concealed Carry Class from Charles, the class was well presented,  he was very thorough and a pleasure to work with.  We highly recommend Charles and this class.”

Damien & Judy  Mass City

"Had a great time. The knowledge from the class was very informative. The range time was more than helpful and quite fun, as well.  Prospective carry holders, would do well, by attending your class. Thanks again!"

Mark,  L'Anse, MI

"This was the best concealed carry I have attended to date. Great presentation."

Wayne,  Ironwood, MI

"The information in the course is great, it opened my eyes to many different things to think about, and Charles did a great job explaining the material and going into detail. I learned a lot, Charles was a great host, and the range time was excellent!"

 Eric,  White Pine, MI